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Drifting has nothing to do with racing. There’s no checkered flag. It’s more like figure skating than speed skating, with a three-judge panel awarding points based on speed, angle of attack and style. They take points away for going off course, stalling or running into course markers—including walls. And for driving straight: The goal is to control the car as it slides sideways around turns, as if on ice, at full throttle!

Serres Drift Weekend

Jump in and drive! Drift Weekend in Serres, Greece. This is a great opportunity to drive a racing drift car with 700 hp. We will provide you with the following.  

Available Options:

Drift Car  – BMW E36 , Engine 2JZ 700hp : 1500 € per day (excluding tyres) 

Drift Car – BMWE30 Engine V8 M60B44 350 hp : 1000 € per day (excluding tyres)  

Full 1 Day Package  -> 3.000 € (transportation, accommodation, insurance, tyres, different car setup, fuel, lunch) 

Full 2 Days Package -> 5.000 € (transportation, accommodation, insurance, tyres, different car setup, fuel, lunch) 

The minimum deposit for securing your position is 500 €  – A Group of people (2) will get a 15% discount.  

Beginners Offer -> BMW E30 with instructor-> 1.300 € per day 

Co-Driver experience -> 70 € per race pass

Top cars

Professional drivers

All costs included

Rent a race car

Take the steering wheel into your own hands and experience the ultimate driving experience!

We can ensure an unforgettable, fun, extreme and complete Drift Experience 

Race support

We are providing full support for a drift racing event and we can even offer you custom solutions upon your request.

Our race cars

DRIFT PILOTS  provides a variety of professionally prepared rental drift cars for racing and track days .Our racing cars with a range of 550 to 1000 Hp, matching all FIA and international drift event regulations. You will love it!

Innovating Drift Car

Start to build your Drift Car with us and get the ultimate experience of driving a Drift Car.  

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Drift cars for Sale

Find the perfect drift car for your needs. Shop new and used carssell your car, compare prices, and explore financing options to find your dream drift car.

Track days & Race events 2024

Twice a month, training sessions are taking place at Various Racing Tracks.          More events are available on request.

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Serres Racing Circuit - Track Day Event January 2022

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Sparti Drift Race December 2021 - Round 5

Drift Kings International Series - Serres 2021

Zakynthos Drift Race 2021- Round 3

In Memory of Antonis - RIP Brother

Drift Tourism

Our team ensures that you make the most out of your trip. Combining circuit sessions with all the best Greece has to offer. The sun , the beach, the food,  the nightlife and plenty of  motorsport in between.

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